Biomass Power

Indian Biomass Sector Overview

Biomass energy is an good option of source energy in rural area providing additional benefit of employment in rural area. It is also widely available and carbon neutral and 32% of primary energy comes from biomass in crude form. The sector attracts over Rs. 6000 million which is mostly used up in sugar mill.

The current availability of biomass in India is estimated at about 500 millions metric tones per year which used effectively could generate 18000 MW. The thermo chemical processes for conversion of biomass to useful products involve combustion, gasification or pyrolysis. The most commonly used route is combustion. The advantage is that the technology used is similar to that of a thermal plant based on coal, except for the boiler which could be designed to use multifuel
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Air Canada demonstrates blended bio-fuel in its flight

Canada's Biojet Supply Chain Initiative and Air Canada have put up a biofuel demonstration project through an innovative bio-fuel. Its airlines have used 230,000 liters of sustainable biofuel blended into the airport's multi-user fuel supply system to show the feasibility of biofuel use in shared fuelling systems Canadian airports. The demo plant has been conducted on Earth day to advance the use of low-carbon renewable fuels.
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