Contract & Research Manufacturing Services - India's edge

India got a huge potential in CRAMS (Contract Research & Manufacturing Services) . Since 1990's more MNCs find India for the following reasons viz. Larger hospitals with English the common language, cost efficiency, larger skill sets and R&D expertise and IPR compliance. India has a large pool of hospitals beds (around 700,000) and 220+ medical colleges. India has got the right product mix, with large US FDA approved plants, significant pool of human resources and advancement biotechnology and complex technology services. CRAMS in India has two main segments, the major segment being Contract Manufacturing Services which accounts for 60%, while the Contract Research Services accounting for the rest. Current market estimates put the industry at USD 7.8 billion. The industry has potential to
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    Manipal Acunova Ltd

    Manipal Acunova Limited, a contract research organization, provides a range of services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic and nutrition, generic drug, and reg

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    Megafine Pharma Pvt Ltd

    Megafine has special expertise in Polymorphs and Chiral products. It has five state-of-the-art chemical process research laboratories, seven analytical research laboratories, e

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    MSN Laboratories Ltd

    Founded in 2003, the Hyderabad based MSN Labs is one of the fastest growing research-based pharmaceutical company in India. Boasting a diverse product portfolio, with multiple p

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    Ogene Systems India Ltd

    Ogene Systems India Pvt Ltd was promoted by Dr B. M. Choudary in 2004, is engaged into the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API?s) and Intermediaries with its