Phosagro signs contract to supply phosphates to Indian Potash

Phosagro, the Russian manufacturer and the world 3rd largest phosphate producer has signed a 3 year contract with Indian potash to supply 1.3 million tonnes of phosphates. Phosphates are key nutrients and di-ammonium phosphate is a key fertilizer around the world. India is the second largest consumer of phosphate fertilizers after China. However, the demand for phosphates has been suppressed due to uncertain economy and the price also slumped downward from USD 680 a tonne to USD 460 in 2014.
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    N G Phosphates Pvt Ltd

    N G Phosphates Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2013. The company is involved in manufacturing of di calcium phosphate and mono calcium phosphate which were used in produ

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    Narmada Agrochemicals Pvt Ltd

    Narmada Agro Chemicals started its operations in the year 1985. Initially the company started with granulated physical mixed fertilizers manufacturing in granulation plant of T

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    Nirma Ltd

    Nirma has undertaken backward integration into manufacture of Industrial Products like Soda Ash, Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB), Alfa Olefin Sulphonates (AOS), Fatty Acid, Glycerine

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    Phosphate Co Ltd

    The Phosphate Co Ltd is the oldest Single Super Phosphate Fertilizer manufacturer in Eastern India and among the first five in India. It was incorporated on 25th February 1949,

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    Phosphate India Pvt Ltd

    Phosphate India Pvt Ltd is based out of Udaipur in Rajasthan. The company is engaged in production of mineral based di calcium phosphate. Udaipur region is very rich in rock ph

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    Progressive Fertichem Pvt Ltd

    Progressive Fertichem Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of micro nutrients and specialized chemicals in the state of Assam and North- Eastern region. The factory is strateg

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    Pyrites Phosphates And Chemicals Ltd

    Pyrites, Phosphates and Chemicals Limited (PPCL) was founded in 1960 with the mission of exploring and exploiting indigenous mineral deposits for the production of Sulphur, Sulp

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    Sadhana Phosphates And Chemicals Ltd

    Sadhana Phosphates & Chemicals Ltd is a leading manufacturer of single super phosphate(ssp) in India headquartered in New Delhi with an installed capacity of 132000 MT per annum

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    Sai Fertilizers Pvt Ltd

    Sai Fertilizers belonging to Fogla group manufactures Single Super Phosphate (16% P2 O5) and market the product under the brand 'Uma'. The company has an installed annual capaci