Micronutrient Fertilizers

Micronutrient Fertilizers - a review

Globally, due to intensive cultivation, there is a deficiency of micronutrients in the soil leading to poor yield. Some of the key micro nutrients boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc is deplete with frequent repetition of crops. When samples of Indian soils are analysed, 50% of soil have nutrient deficiency. Indian soils high with Potassium deficiency are found in 25% of soil samples analysed and high Sulphur deficiency is found in 49% of soil samples analysed. It is also found that soils 33% are deficient in Zinc, 12% in Boron and in Iron. The country should also learn that bringing hybrid seeds or genetically modified seeds will not yield results if planted in non fertile soil. We are seeing an increase in fertilizer usage but diminishing yields due to lack of m
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    Agri Search India Pvt Ltd

    Agri Search India Pvt Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of Micronutrients in organic and inorganic form, Plant Growth Enhancers . It provides state-of- the-art nutrition solution

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    Agrigold Organics Pvt Ltd

    Agrigold Organics Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1999, by Mr. A. V. Rama Rao and Mr. A. Udaya Bhaskar Rao to manufacture bio fertilizers. In the year 2002, AOPL diversified its ope

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    Agro Nutrients Pvt Ltd

    Agro Nutrients Pvt Ltd was promoted in 1968 by Mr. Vijaybabu Agrawal. The company manufacture a range of pesticides and micro nutrients

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    Chaitra Fertilisers Chemicals Pvt Ltd

    Chaitra Fertilisers & Chemicals was established in the year 1989, is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of organic fertilizers

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    Eagle Plant Protect Pvt Ltd

    Eagle Plant Protect Pvt Ltd has been a leading player in the market in manufacturing and supplying a whole encompassing range of Organic Fertilizers And Agro Chemical Products l

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    Everest Fertilizer And Chemical Pvt Ltd

    Everest Fertilizer And Chemical Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of NPK Mix Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizers and Other Agro Inputs. EFCPL is established since 1989 by Mr. J. K.