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Raj Hamsa Ultralights Pvt Ltd

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Raj Hamsa Ultralights is an Indian private limited company and ultralight aircraft manufacturer, founded in 1980 at Pondicherry, India by Joel Koechlin of France. The company had financial support from JRD Tata in its first 3 years. The company is one of India's largest aircraft manufacturers and its only producer of commercial microlight aircraft. It started in 1980 producing hang gliders, introduced powered hang gliders in 1983 and the X-Air line of microlights in 1993. By 2007 the company had produced over 1000 aircraft.

The X-Air and Hanuman are both accepted by Transport Canada as Advanced Ultra-light Aeroplanes in Canada, while The Hanuman model is approved by US Federal Aviation Administration Light sport aircraft as the model X-Air XA85.