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Haritha Fertilizers Ltd

Corp Office

8-3-988/34/7/1 Near – Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam,
Srinagar Colony
Telangana - 500073
Tel : 040-20001059
Email : info@harithafertilizers.com
Mktg : info@harithafertilizers.com

Haritha Fertilizers Ltd is manufacturer of chemical fertilizers . It has a manufacturing capacity of 50,000 tpa of different grades of fertilizer mixtures

Haritha Fertilisers Ltd., is having dealerships of M/s India Potash Limited, M/s Madras Fertilisers Limited, M/s A.P Marked. M/s Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., for supply of DAP, MAP, MOP and Urea. M/s A.P Marked who has the dealerships of almost all manufacturers is supplying DAP, MAP, MOP & Urea, Its sister concern M/s Agri Green Fertilizers & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., will supply required quantities of SSP.


Name Designation Contact
P Naren Ramanjula Reddy Managing Director
N.Gangi Reddy Director - Technical