Tidal Power

Tidal & Wave Power Scenario in India

Tidal Power can be harnessed two ways ? one as through utilizing movement of waves through tidal stream turbine and another through tidal rise by storing water in tidal barrages in ocean which occur daily along the coast. Of this tidal barrage based power generation has been successful in the world. Apart from these two, there are other forms of ocean energy which includes utilizing ocean currents, absorbing subtle movement of waves by buoyant moored devices. Many other technologies are under experimentation across the globe with very few achieving commercial scale of power generation.

Across the globe, Shiwa Lake Tidal plant of South Korea and La Rance Tidal power plant of France are larger ones with generation capacity of 250 MW. Of this French tidal power plant is in opera
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Hangzhou Lin Dong connects tidal power plant to grid

Hangzhou Lin Dong Ocean Energy Technology Co Ltd of China has commissioned a tidal power project in Zhoushan City, east China?s Zhejiang Province. The tidal power plant has evacuated over 800,000 kilowatt hours of electricity to the grid. The project was commissioned in November 2017 and is connected to grid now generating stable power. The company is planning now to develop 15-20 MW tidal power project.
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Hann Ocean Energy unveils improvements in tidal energy conversion

Hann-Ocean Energy, a Singapore based company has been making research into tidal energy for over a decade. It has recently unveiled Drakoo device product improvements conducted over the period of 11 months managed at World Future Energy Summit 2017. The peak power output performance of its device improved from 1kW to 9.3kW - at Hann - Ocean?s Chinese testing facility. The working principle of Drakoo, being a twin-chamber oscillating water column system, is to transform waves into a continuous water flow which drives a hydro turbine generator. Current technologies are not cost effective when compared to other green energy options like wind and solar.
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    National Institute Of Ocean Technology

    National Institute of Ocean Technology has set up a demonstative 150 KW tidal power plant in Trivandrum in Kerala. The institute has also set up a wave energy project of 75 KW

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    Susi Global Research Centre

    Susi Global Research Centre, a well-known Research Centre located in Udupi, India, started working in 1979. It is dedicated to control the environmental issues like and vehicula

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    West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency, formed in the year 1993, has a mandate to promote Renewable Energy Technologies and create an environment conducive to their co