Indian Power Sector

India ranks third in electricity production and ranks 110th in per capita consumption. This goes on to show the immense potential in India. Renewable Energy accounts for 28% of total power ?generated, wind power constitutes around 87% of total renewable power followed by biomass power. Solar Power is likely to get boost with mega thrust from government intending to generate 100000 MW from solar energy by 2019. Though ranking third in the world, around 300 million people in India do not have access to electricity. Several rura Read More

A new water based battery as storage device ?

Stanford scientists have developed a new battery that could provide a cheap way to store wind or solar energy. In the journal -Natural Energy - prototype manganese-hydrogen battery, is described as which stands just three inches tall and generates a mere 20 milliwatt hours of electricity, which is on par with the energy levels of LED flashlights one might hang on a key ring. They are confident they can take this table-top technology up to an industrial-grade system that could charge and recharge up to 10,000 times, creating a grid-scale battery with a useful lifespan well in excess of a decade. According to them, they have added a special salt into water, dropped in an electrode, and created a reversible chemical reaction that stores electrons in the form of hydrogen gas. They also know ho Read More

WBPDCL plans 1000 MW Turga hydel project

West Bengal Power Development Corp Ltd is planning to set up a Turga Pumped Storage Scheme to harness around 1000 MW of hydel power through 4 pumps with a capacity of 250 MW each. The project envisages the construction of Upper Dam (C.A. 8.29 Sq. Km) across Turga Nala, a tributary of Subarnarekha river and a water conductor system with an underground Power House on the downstream of Upper Dam and a Lower Dam having intermediate catchment of 4.37 sq. km ( total C.A. 12.66 sq.km ). The project is a Close Loop type Pumped Storage Scheme. Read More