Indian Pharma industry moving towards formulations

Indian Pharma industry is slowing moving up the value chain. Earlier it used to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredient at low cost compared to world. Now with competition from China, which provides API at 15-20% low cost, it makes sense to shift focus elsewhere. Many top companies like Lupin, Novartis, Ranbaxy have less revenue stream from API than from formulations. There could also be the reason that formulation business has grown faster than APIs for some companies. API is low scale commodity with low margin. Moreover, with a large number of patent expiries in developed markets like the US and Europe, Indian companies, with skills to develop and manufacture low-cost generic drugs, see a much more lucrative opportunity there than utilising their capacities for manufacturing APIs.
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    Lykis Ltd

    Lykis Limited was incorporated on 15th October 1984.The company had come out with its IPO in the year 1995 of an Equity issue of 35,60,000 shares. The Company's shares are curre

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    Magnil Dye Chem

    Established in 1990, in Mumbai, India, Magnil Dye Chem is a manufacturer of best quality industrial dyes, food colours and lake colours. Their range is manufactured well in leag

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    Mangalam Organics Ltd

    Mangalam Organics Ltd formerly known as Dujodwala Products Ltd is engaged in production of camphor, resin and sodium acetate

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    Manipal Acunova Ltd

    Manipal Acunova Limited, a contract research organization, provides a range of services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic and nutrition, generic drug, and reg

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    Maschmeijer Aromatics India Ltd

    Maschmeijer Aromatics India Limited was setup in 1960 in collaboration with the world famous Maschmeijer Aromatics B.V., Amsterdam for the manufacture of musks and fragrances. A

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    MSN Laboratories Ltd

    Founded in 2003, the Hyderabad based MSN Labs is one of the fastest growing research-based pharmaceutical company in India. Boasting a diverse product portfolio, with multiple p

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    Nagpur Pyrolusite Pvt Ltd

    Nagpur Pyrolusite Pvt. Ltd is engaged in Manufacturing, Exporting, Marketing and Distribution of Manganese Dioxide, Granulated Manganese Dioxide used especially for water purifi

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    Neelam Phyto Extracts

    Neelam Phyto Extracts is a producer of Calcium Sennosides (CAS: 62211-03-4),Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, Natural Essential Oils, Oil And Oleoresins (Spice),