Indian Pharma industry moving towards formulations

Indian Pharma industry is slowing moving up the value chain. Earlier it used to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredient at low cost compared to world. Now with competition from China, which provides API at 15-20% low cost, it makes sense to shift focus elsewhere. Many top companies like Lupin, Novartis, Ranbaxy have less revenue stream from API than from formulations. There could also be the reason that formulation business has grown faster than APIs for some companies. API is low scale commodity with low margin. Moreover, with a large number of patent expiries in developed markets like the US and Europe, Indian companies, with skills to develop and manufacture low-cost generic drugs, see a much more lucrative opportunity there than utilising their capacities for manufacturing APIs.
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    Biocon Ltd

    Biocon is India's largest fully-integrated, innovation-led biopharmaceutical company that is driven by a passion to develop research-driven, cutting-edge therapies. The Company

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    Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

    Biodeal Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd was incorporated as a private limited company in 2005 and was taken over by its present directors in April 2015. The company is currently being l

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    Biofil Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    Biofil Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd was promoted by Shri Ramesh S Shah in the year, 1985 as a Private Limited Company for manufacturing Pharmaceuticals products. Later on c

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    Biogem Pharma Pvt Ltd

    Biogem Pharma Pvt Ltd offers pharmaceutical products. Their products include pneumatic tablets & capsule, gemfol syrup, vitamin supplements, iron & calcium supplements, lactulos

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    Biogenetic Drugs Pvt Ltd

    Biogenetic Drugs Pvt. Ltd. (BDPL) was established by Mr. Mukut Goyal in 2005. The manufacturing facility is located in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh and registered office i

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    Biological E Ltd

    Biological E Ltd was incorporated as Biological Products Ltd in 1953. The company started with a small unit in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and soon moved to Hyderabad to accommo

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    Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd

    Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd , Bangalore, Karnataka has taken over the business of M/s. Bioneeds, promoted by Shri. S. N. Vinaya Babu in April 2014. The company is a Contract Research