Contract & Research Manufacturing Services - India's edge

India got a huge potential in CRAMS (Contract Research & Manufacturing Services) . Since 1990's more MNCs find India for the following reasons viz. Larger hospitals with English the common language, cost efficiency, larger skill sets and R&D expertise and IPR compliance. India has a large pool of hospitals beds (around 700,000) and 220+ medical colleges. India has got the right product mix, with large US FDA approved plants, significant pool of human resources and advancement biotechnology and complex technology services. CRAMS in India has two main segments, the major segment being Contract Manufacturing Services which accounts for 60%, while the Contract Research Services accounting for the rest. Current market estimates put the industry at USD 7.8 billion. The industry has potential to
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    Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd

    Bioneeds India Pvt Ltd , Bangalore, Karnataka has taken over the business of M/s. Bioneeds, promoted by Shri. S. N. Vinaya Babu in April 2014. The company is a Contract Research

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    Caplin Point Laboratories Ltd

    The genesis of Caplin Point took place in the year 1990 as a Private Limited company mainly to manufacture a wide range of Ointments, Creams and other External applications in a

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    Delwis Healthcare Pvt Ltd

    Delwis Healthcare Pvt Ltd manufactures a range of Vitamins, Antibiotics, Dermatological, Antacids, Antidiarrhoels, Tranquilizers, etc. for consumption by humans. The products ar

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    Dishman Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Ltd

    Dishman Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Ltd was incorporated in 1983, is a research-driven pharmaceutical company promoted by Mr. Janmejay Vyas and family. DPCL is primarily engage