Biotechnology Industry in India

Biotechnology is an important sector to India that enhances India's global profile. India is the largest producer of recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine. Out of the top 10 biotech companies in India (by revenue), six focus their expertise in bio-pharmaceuticals and four specialise in agri-biotech. India is also one of the top 12 advanced biotech industry in the world. In India, the biotechnology is among the fastest growing knowledge based sectors. It is being used now to develop and design improved varieties of crops, new pharmaceutical products, plethora of chemicals, cosmetics, fertilizers, growth enhancers, processed foods, health care aids and environment-related substances, etc. India has made a mark with large number of therapeutic biotech drugs and vaccines, being currently produced an
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    UCB India Pvt Ltd

    UCB India is a subsidiary of the Belgian research-based company, UCB. The company was established as UNI-UCB, a joint venture of Unichem Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai and Union Chim

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    Unique Biotech Ltd

    Unique Biotech Ltd (UBL) is a world class, large scale fermentation facility established in 2001 for Probiotics, Enzymes, and Nutraceuticals with state of the art equipment in G

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    Vyome Biosciences Pvt Ltd

    Vyome Biosciences is an innovation driven company, with a vision to develop novel drugs for antibiotics-resistant acne and other opportunist pathogens through a unique pipeline

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    Zeus Biotech Pvt Ltd

    Zeus Biotech Pvt Ltd started operations in the year 1994. It produced the world's FIRST feed specific synergistically acting enzyme supplement POLYZYME from a single substrate i