Coated Paper

Coated Paper Production in India

Coated paper have certain desired properties imparted by compounds or polymers. It gives the paper strength, smoothness, surface gloss, ink absorbency. Some compounds like Kaolinite, calcium carbonate, Bentonite, talc. are used to get the desired property.

Coated paper are typically used in printing industry particularly offset printing. Coatings may also have chemical coatings which will impart water resistance, wet strength or protection against ultra violet radiation. Art paper belongs to this category and calendars, posters, illustrative books are made out of coated paper

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    Danalakshmi Paper Mills Ltd

    Danalakshmi Paper Mills Ltd (DPML) is part of the Servall group, founded by Mr. R Ramaswamy in Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu). The Servall group has a presence in paper machinery manuf

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    Nabha Paper Mills Ltd

    Nabha Paper Mills Private Limited (NPM) was initially incorporated in April 1980 as Nabha Paper Mills Limited. The incorporation changed to its present status in March 2013. NPM