Silver Market in India

Silver is a white colored shiny element that is highly ductile and malleable and is used in making jewellery, coins and tableware. It is also used in chemical experiments as it provides a high electrical and thermal conductivity. It is used in medical applications as it is non microbial and non toxic. Globally, around 35% of silver is used in electronics, followed by coins and medals. India imports much of its silver need as production from Rajasthan is just around 2.0 million ounces pushing it to 20th place in world ranking. It may be noted, silver is produced through mining of other metals like gold, copper, zinc and lead. Indian silver firms are catching up with global firms to conform to global standards.
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    Hindustan Zinc Ltd

    Hindustan Zinc is India's largest and world's second largest integrated producer of zinc & lead, with a global share of approximately 6.0% in zinc. They are one of the lowest co