Coal Tar

Coal Tar Production in India

Coal tar, a by-product of coke production, is a powerhouse of roughly 250 organic chemicals. Main consumption markets of coal tar are deep-processed products including phenol, Anthracene, industrial naphthalene, coal tar pitch and carbon black. Coal tar products are important raw materials for pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, dyes and synthetic fibers. Crude coal tar is also formed as a by-product in coke ovens. In India, Himagiri Chemicals is a leading producer of Coal Tar.
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    Aparna Carbons Pvt Ltd

    Aparna Carbons Pvt Ltd is a Kolkata based company engaged in manufacturing of Liquid Coal Tar Pitch (LCTP) and its by-products such as Creosote Oils, Naphthalene, Anthracene Oil

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    B S Tar Pvt Ltd

    B S Tar Pvt Ltd is established in 1999 is engaged into business of manufacturing of coal tar pitch and by-products like dehydrated coal tar, creosote oil, naphthalene oil, anthr

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    Epsilon Carbon Pvt Ltd

    Epsilon Carbon is a manufacturer and supplier of Coal Tar Chemicals. The company also produces Binder Pitch, Zero IQ Pitch, Creosote Oil, Carbon Black Oil, Wash Oil and Refine

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    Himadri Chemicals Industries Ltd

    Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd is more than just the largest coal tar pitch manufacturing company in India. It is a carbon specialist, developing coal tar by-products and deriv

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    Jalnidhi Bitumen Specialities Pvt Ltd

    Jalnidhi Bitumen Specialties Pvt Ltd was incorporated by Mr Sanjay Kumar Dalmia of Kolkata, West Bengal, (aged 48 years, Graduate) along with his family members in June 29, 1994

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    Kedia Carbon Pvt Ltd

    Kedia Carbon Pvt Ltd is based out of Rourkela, Odisha; with its registered office at Park Street, Kolkata. The Company is a part of Kedia Group of Companies, engaged in coal tar

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    Konark Tar Products Pvt Ltd

    Established in 1993, Konark Tar Products Pvt Ltd manufactures a wide range of Coal-Tar Pitch and Coal Tar Products. Their product offerings include Coal Tar Impregnating Pitch -