Healthcare in India

Healthcare sector in India is one of the largest in terms of employment as well as in revenue. Around 80 % of healthcare rests with private sector. The government healthcare is basically covered in rural area with primary healthcare centre, which provides succour to basic ailments. It also has speciality hospitals in major cities and reputed healthcare in metro cities. However, it is the private sector that provides majority of secondary, tertiary and quaternary care institutions with a major concentration in metros, tier I and tier II cities.

India also provides contrast in healthcare with high malnutrition, higher infant mortality rate, under vaccinated children and on the other side, India have medical tourism with world class facilities. The Indian healthcare industry is projected to continue its expansion and is expected to reach market value of US$ 280 billion by 2020. The medical tourism market in India is projected to hit US$ 5.0 billion mark by 2017.