Dry Fruits

Indian DryFruits market to double by 2020

Indian dry fruits market is set to double by 2020 on rising demand of health conscious and nutritious food. The Indian dry fruits market is currently pegged at Rs 15,000 crore with their volume estimated at approximately 450,000 tonnes. But, its size is estimated to reach Rs 30,000 crore by 2020 with over 1 million tonnes in volume term. The demand of dry fruits is rising because of a combination of factors such as increasing awareness of health needs, increasing disposable income levels, better availability, right packaging, consistent quality, adequate product communication (labelling), newer products such as hazelnuts, peanuts, etc, are leading to a healthy growth of more than 10 per cent year on year for the nuts and dry fruits industry in volume terms.
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Cashew Exports dips with cut in incentives and high costs

Cashew Exports have been hit on account of reduction in export incentive from 5% to 2%. Further with over capacity, cashew processing depends on imports as Indian cashew production of 0.7 million tonnes does not meet the requirement. Vietnam which had recently expanded its cashew processing is aggressively buying raw cashews at high prices. With Indian exports down, Vietnam exports have increased at 28%. Cashew exports in India have fell around 15% over the past 5 months in 2015. In Kerala, around 35 per cent increase in wages in the cashew sector has further added to the cost.
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Dry Fruits & Nuts - in India

With rising disposable income, dry fruits are moving from a luxury product to a necessity category over the last few years. The Nuts & Dry Fruits industry in India is valued at USD 2.5 billion, while consumption in India is just 3 percent of global demand, though India has 15 percent of the world?s population. Consumption of nuts and dried fruits is steadily increasing, and is being driven by changing lifestyles and rising health consciousness, which is reflected in growing focus on preventive healthcare against the backdrop of rising healthcare expenditures. The per capita consumption of nuts in India is very low at 150 gm per annum; this includes direct consumption on health grounds and as snacks; as ingredients in cakes, desserts, namkeen, etc; and during Diwali and other festivals. In
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