Distilleries in India

Alcohol use in India goes back to Vedic ages. The scriptures talks about techniques to be used in fermentation etc., To date, not only has the consumption of alcohol been continued but it is an integral part of the Ayurvedic system of medicine. Carew & Co. Ltd had set up the first distillery in 1805 in Kanpur for the army barracks.

The distillery industry today consists broadly of two parts, one potable liquor and the industrial alcohol including anhydrous ethanol for blending with petrol. The potable industry producing Indian Made Foreign Liquor(IMFL) and Country Liquor has a steady but limited demand with a growth rate of about 7-10 per cent per annum. Indian Liquor industry is today exporting a sizable quantity of Indian Liquor products to other countries.

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Uttam Sugar Mills plans distillery expansion programme

Uttam Sugar Mills is planning to expand its distillery in Barkatpur in Najibabad district in Uttar Pradesh. The project involves expanding molasses based distillery capacity from 75 klpd to 150 klpd with an investment of Rs. 1000 million. Land required for the project is already acquired.
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    A P Met Engineering Ltd

    A P Met Engg Ltd was originally incorporated during the year 1974. Presently the company is having a capacity to manufacture Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol with a l

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    Aroma Biotech Pvt Ltd

    Aroma Biotech Private Limited (ABPL) was incorporated on March 31, 2006 as a Private Limited Company with the main objective to manufacture Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA). The comp

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    Ashoka Distillers Chemicals Pvt Ltd

    Established in 1986, AshokaCorp is a prominent name in the liquor and agro foods market and is committed to deliver high quality goods to customers all over the globe through it

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    Associated Alcohols Breweries Ltd

    Associated Alcohols Breweries Ltd is engaged in manufacturing of liquor. The company operates in a segment that is Potable Alcohol. The organization has its presence in country