Indian Confectionery Market

Indian confectionery market is an evolving one. With product innovations driving growth with young consumers, there is a demand to expand the product range further. Indian market has several segments like ayurvedic confectioneries ? honey based lozenges, digestive mints apart from fruit flavoured candies, chocolates and chewing gums. The industry is growing at 8% with 3200 brands with total market size of INR 56,000 million.

In recent years, India had seen international players & brands like Fruit-tella, and Cofitos, Schogetten from Germany, Ferrero Rocher , Alpenliebe from Perfetti Van Melle. In the chocolate segment, Cadburys is the market leader closely followed by Nestle.

With higher disposable incomes, there is also a rise in demand for premium chocolates where
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Chocolates to cost more - on high cocoa price ?

Chocolate prices are set to increase in India following the rise of price of cocoa in global market. The prices have shot up to $2,516 per tonne from $1,961 per tonne from last year. Global cocoa prices have increased 28% over the past year and is expected to climb further following a crisis in West Africa. The Indian prices have increased over 6% in the last year and it will also affect price of other products like cocoa butter and cocoa powder.
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