Coffee Plantations in India

Coffee is grown in India where there is a rainfall around 2500 - 4000 mm per year. Naturally, coffee estates in Indian are found in western ghats of Kerala, Karnataka - Coorg region, where there is desired rainfall and subsequent dry period required for the crop. It may be noted, different climates produce different grades of coffee beans. India is the fifth largest producer of coffee in the world and it consumes 30 % of it is consumed in India. Roughly 120 million kgs of coffee is consumed every year. Indian coffee beans are grown under shade in many estates, while the productivity is low but the quality is high. The average price of robusta from India is about 40 per cent higher than the international average. India cannot introduce mechanization in coffee plantation due to hilly region
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Coorg Tribal Coffee - a rich organic taste

Coorg Region in Karnataka has large tracts of coffee plantations and contributes largely to total coffee production in India. However, there exists ethnic tribes of Kodava and Soliga who are largely marginalized in the region. Now, Coffee Board has plans to contribute to their welfare by promoting the coffee grown by them with a premium tag as Tribal Coffee. These coffee beans are also grown in organic way without fertilizers and pesticides. However, the productivity is low when compared to commercial cultivations - 120 kg vs 800 kg per acre. It may be noted, a similar exercise were carried out for Arakku region coffee in Andhra Pradesh.
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