Bakeries set to use egg white peptide as healthy snack

The bakery segment has now a new option of using egg white peptide in order to boost appeal as a healthy snack. Earlier, egg white peptide are only used in sport foods, sauces and condiments. However, its consumption is on the rise as it has the property of instant delivery of amino acids to muscles, even during high intensity exercise with other added benefits. With the market looking for healthy items as snack, such new innovation will drive the use of egg white peptide.
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Do you want to start a bakery ?

Many at some point wanted to start a food joint ! A Bakery serves clean food which provide convenience in handling, packing and serving. It can also provide healthy choice with low trans fat, low calorie, whole grain bread etc., It can also be set up with low investment to high end café. So, are you pondering now to jump in ? Read on.. True. Bakery joint is a thriving place in any town. The cash registers seem to ringing in non-stop, but do they make big money ? For many, bakery items like bread do not provide high margin. It is perishable and sound logistics plan is needed if you are planning to sell it to other retailers as well. So any fluctuations in logistics cost hamper the bottom-line. The money is made in high value added items like pastries, birthday cakes, wedding cakes, innovat
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