Micronutrient Fertilizers

Micronutrient Fertilizers - a review

Globally, due to intensive cultivation, there is a deficiency of micronutrients in the soil leading to poor yield. Some of the key micro nutrients boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc is deplete with frequent repetition of crops. When samples of Indian soils are analysed, 50% of soil have nutrient deficiency. Indian soils high with Potassium deficiency are found in 25% of soil samples analysed and high Sulphur deficiency is found in 49% of soil samples analysed. It is also found that soils 33% are deficient in Zinc, 12% in Boron and in Iron. The country should also learn that bringing hybrid seeds or genetically modified seeds will not yield results if planted in non fertile soil. We are seeing an increase in fertilizer usage but diminishing yields due to lack of m
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    Sri Biotech Laboratories India Ltd

    Sri Biotech is the first company to register Bio-Products with Central Insecticides Board. It has ten organically certified products by APEDA through Vedic Organic Certification

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    Srikar Biotech Pvt Ltd

    Srikar Biotech Pvt Ltd was incorporated in the year 2008, is promoted by Dr. Linga Srinivas Rao and his wife Mrs. Usha Rani. Dr. Linga has done his doctorate in agricultural sci

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    T Stanes Co Ltd

    Sri Robert Stanes founded this organization as a tea planting company and the coffee curing works. Then followed expansion of plantation holdings, diversification into fertiliz

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    Tagros Chemicals India Ltd

    Tagros Chemicals India Ltd is a part of the Chennai-based Jhaver Group and is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of agro and non-agro chemicals. TCIL is fully-owned by mem

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    Trimurti Plant Sciences Pvt Ltd

    Trimurti Plant Sciences Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, was incorporated on 26th July 2011 at Hyderabad, Telangana. The company is engaged in Crop Genetics and p

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    Tropical Agrosystem India Pvt Ltd

    Tropical Agrosystem India (P) Ltd., is a manufacturer of pesticides and modern organic fertilizers. It has 4 plants across in India

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    Vanita Agrochem Pvt Ltd

    Vanita Agrochem Pvt Ltd started its operations in the year 2003. The company is engaged in production of chelated micronutrients, water soluble fertilizers, plain micronutrien

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    Vishwadutt Mineral Pvt Ltd

    Vishwadutt Mineral Pvt Ltd started its operations in the year 1975. The company is engaged in production of pesticides and micronutrient fertilizers. The company is based out