Indian Fertilizer Industry

India with world second largest population is always under pressure on food security. Fertilizer plays a key role in ensuring agriculture productivity ensuring to face challenges in terms of shrinking cultivable land. Indian agriculture needs 16 elements in larger measure and 7 elements in micro measures. The first are classified as primary nutrients viz . sodium, potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen etc., These nutrients are essential to make the soil fertile and to overcome any deficiency. Some chemical fertilizers used are ammonium sulphate, calcium ammonium nitrate etc., Even a deficiency in micro nutrients will affect the absorption of primary nutrients. Iron, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, molybdenum and chlorine are a group of 'micronutrients' which are required by the plants in s Read More

Natural Fertilizers in India

Natural Fertilizers is catching over the world due to hazardous and over use of chemical fertilizers in the soil making it infertile over the years. Natural way of crop rotation and organic fertilizers will mitigate the damage. Some of the states in India, Sikkim and Uttaranchal have declared themselves as organic farming states and discourage chemical inputs in farming land. Further there are a host of NGO promoting and reviving age old practices in cultivation. Government of India have also set up initiatives like National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF) scheme since October, 2004. The project has different components like training programs, demonstrations, capacity building through service providers, setting up of organic input production units etc. Globally demand for organic foods Read More