Transformer Industry in India

The domestic transformer industry has the capability to manufacture the whole range of power and distribution transformers. Special types of transformers required for furnaces, rectifiers, electric tract, etc, and series and shunt reactors as well as HVDC transmission upto 500 KV are also being manufactured in India. Power transformer is used for the transmission purpose at heavy load, high voltage greater than 33 KV & 100% efficiency. It also having a big in size as compare to distribution transformer, it used in generating station and Transmission substation .high insulation level. The distribution transformer is used for the distribution of electrical energy at low voltage as less than 33KV in industrial purpose and 440v-220v in domestic purpose. It work at low efficiency at 50-70%, s
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    ABB Ltd

    ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people. ABB operations in India include 12 manufacturing facilities with over 10,355 employees.

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    Accurate Transformers Ltd

    Accurate Transformers Ltd is a manufacturer & supplier of Electrical transformers , distribution transformers, power transformers. It is based out of Palghar in Thane in Maharas

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    Alfa Transformers Ltd

    Alfa Transformers Limited is a widely held Public Limited Company incorporated on 28th December,1982 in the state of Orissa. The registered office of the company is presently lo

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    Alstom Projects India Ltd Power Division

    Alstom in India is located in Noida, 45 Kms from Delhi. It is a listed company and its legal entity is known as ALSTOM India Limited. It houses the Global Power Sales headquarte

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    Artech Power Products Ltd

    Artech Power Products Ltd started its operations in the year 1989. It is engaged in trading of electrical equipment

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    Bilpower Ltd

    Bilpower Ltd is engaged in production of transformer laminations using cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel in grades M6, M5, M4, M3, Hi-B, ZDKH, ORSIH, etc. The company is b

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    ECE Industries Ltd

    ECE Industries Ltd started operations from 1945 as Electric Construction & Equipment Ltd . Now the company is engaged in production of transformers, elevators, energy meters. Th

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    Hindustan Heavy Electricals Pvt Ltd

    Hindusthan Heavy Electricals Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1980 initially as a proprietorship firm named ?Hindusthan Heavy Electricals?. The company is a manufacturer of

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    IMP Powers Ltd

    Incorporated in 1961 and promoted by Mr Ramnivas R Dhoot, IMP Powers Ltd. (IMP) is engaged in the manufacturing of an entire range of transformers. The company has its manufactu