Security Equipment

Security Equipment in India

Earlier most of security equipment used to be imported and this has deterred many buyers. However, with modern technology and drop in prices of display units and web camera models thanks to digital revolution, the usage of the same in security has increased. It also increased the awareness among the public. With growing awareness, there is a huge demand for intruder alarms, CCTV?s and thermal sensors, biometric equipment and access control equipment. However, appreciation for life safety and security risks are yet to reach the level in developed world. Other challenges include lack of suitable codes, standards and regulations. Despite the above, the security equipment market is growing at the rate of 25% over the global growth rate of 7%. Currently, the market in India is estimated at Rs
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    Adino Telecom Ltd

    Adino Telecom Limited was incorporated in 1992. Adino offers backhaul solutions & broadband wireless solutions with point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, any point-to-multipoint

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    Bhartiya Vehicles Engineering Ltd

    Bhartiya Group has been in business since 1927. Its offer security equipment, cryogas plants and defence vehicles like military fire tenders. The Bhartiya Group is a national l