Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling Equipment - Overview

Material Handling Equipment in India is dominated by pick?n?carry cranes and forklifts. It has a market share of 28% in the total material handling equipment segment. It is followed by Forklifts by 11 % while the rest consists of pallet trucks, conveyors, wheel buckets and other bulk carriers etc., India is always known for Juggad, used to manage with few material handling equipment even if the case demands a need for specialized equipment. Until 2000, India did not use man lifts or scissor lifts on a large scale. These equipment are classified as unit material handling, while the other segment bulk material handling consists of dumpers ,tippers and loaders. The total market size in India is estimated at Rs. 35,000 million. With increasing capital expenditure in infrastructure on roads,
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    Action Construction Equipment Ltd

    Action Construction Equipment Ltd (ACE) is India?s leading material handling and construction equipment manufacturing company with a majority market share in Mobile Cranes and T

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    Ajax Fiori Engineering India Pvt Ltd

    Ajax-Fiori was established in 1992 as a joint venture company with Fiori S.p.A Italy, for manufacturing Self-Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer. It promises to deliver concreting sol

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    Caterpillar India Pvt Ltd

    Caterpillar has been active in India since the 1930s. Today, presence includes state-of-the art manufacturing facilities, high tech research and development, as well as numerou

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    Cranex Ltd

    Cranex was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1973. It was converted into a Public Limited Company in 1985 and went Public when its shares were heavily over subscribed

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    Escorts Ltd

    The Escorts Group, is one of India's engineering conglomerates operating in the high growth sectors of agri-machinery, construction & material handling equipment, railway equipm

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    Hercules Hoists Ltd

    Hercules Hoists Ltd is engaged in production of lifting and handling equipment . IT also produces electric chain hoists, electric wire rope hoists and winches, cranes and overhe

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    Indo Farm Equipment Ltd

    Indo Farm Equipment Limited (Formerly Indo Farm Industries Limited) manufactures agricultural equipments like tractors and allied components sold under the ?Indo Farm? brand. Th

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    International Combustion India Ltd

    International Combustion commenced operations in the year 1936 based in Calcutta as a trading house representing the interests of International Combustion, U.K. In 1974 the Comp

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    Johnson Lifts Pvt Ltd

    Johnson Lifts Pvt Ltd is engaged in production of elevators /escalators with 2 factories in Chennai and Nagpur. The company has over 55, 000 installations are under service con

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    Josts Engineers Co Ltd

    Josts Engineers Co Ltd was first established by Carl Jost in 1907. The company has set up a manufacturing division in Pune for material handling division. It is engaged in produ