Wires & Cable Industry in India

Wire and cable industry in India comprise about 25% of the power transmission and distribution sector. It also forms 40% of the electrical equipment industry in India. India has a lot of potential in the mining, power,

oil and gas, metro railways, cement industry , steel industry and other sectors. Different kinds of cables like extra high voltage cables, elastomer cables, etc, are now being used for special applications such as mining/oil sector, shipbuilding /crane cables/elevator cables, cables for solar power plants, powe
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Wired Connections facing challenges over Wi-Fi

Cable Industry faces a challenge in case of ubiquitous wireless connections. Even in factories, many are moving to exchange data through wireless instead of dangling cables. It is also cost efficient and provides flexibility. However, higher security, latency give wired connection an edge. Further high data transfer and increasing high quantity of transfer gives hope of high end fibre optic cables. Though this can also be done in wireless, but it has significant high costs when compared to wired cost. Cables are also less susceptible to malicious disturbances or hacker attacks. So for time being cable industry is being complementing effectively the wireless connections everywhere.
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