Wires & Cable Industry in India

Wire and cable industry in India comprise about 25% of the power transmission and distribution sector. It also forms 40% of the electrical equipment industry in India. India has a lot of potential in the mining, power,

oil and gas, metro railways, cement industry , steel industry and other sectors. Different kinds of cables like extra high voltage cables, elastomer cables, etc, are now being used for special applications such as mining/oil sector, shipbuilding /crane cables/elevator cables, cables for solar power plants, powe
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Can crosslinking make cables safer ?

Crosslinking is a process by which polymer chains are linked together to increase their melting points. A three-dimensional polymer network is created where the molecules have been joined together will make a new nonmeltable polymer system. Now, the polymer chains lose some of their ability to move as individual chains. The result is no melting. These wires can withstand upto 110 deg to 250 deg which will not lead to melting. Some of the procedures to make wires crosslinked are continuous vulcanization, E-beam and silane linking.

Continuous Vulcanization is also called chemical crosslinking. It is usually done by passing the wire through a long pressurized tube, heated by steam - by a process continuous vulcanizing. Other methods of crosslinking include salt cure and hot a
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Challenges in Cable Industry

Cable production industry can be called as conversion industry. The industry is largely affected by raw material costs variations- particularly inventory levels of non-ferrous metals like copper and aluminium, forex fluctuations needs careful monitoring of financial resources. Material costs cover as much as 60% of cables on average. So a better technology and energy efficient process means a better bottom line.

Another challenge is its buyers are large number of consolidated buyers - wholesalers, energy and telecom operators. They tend to have a larger power in bargain leaving little with cable manufacturers

The industry also face challenge of keeping up with technology improvements whether in manufacturing process or in quality standards which keeps evolving

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    Acey Engineering Pvt Ltd

    Acey Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and supply of control cables to major Indian Automotive Manufacturers. Their head office and plant is spread over 10000 sq. mtrs. of land

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    Addison Cable Pvt Ltd

    Addison Cable Pvt Ltd is engaged in production of different types of cables and wires from the year 1990. Its name Addison is a tribute from the promoters of the company for Th

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    Anchor Electricals Ltd

    Over the last five decades, Anchor has managed to capture the attention of every citizen in this country. It started with a humble vision of manufacturing electrical products of

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    Apar Industries Ltd

    Apar Industries Ltd was founded by Mr Dharmsinh D Desai in the year 1958. AIL primarily operates in three segments, ie, transmission & distribution overhead conductors, transfo

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    Asian Galaxy Pvt Ltd

    Asian Galaxy Pvt Ltd was started as Asian Wires & Cables Industries (AWCI) a partnership firm in the year 1996 and majorly into job works. The firm started their manufacturing

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    Bedmutha Industries Ltd

    Bedmutha Industries Limited was started in Aug, 1990, in Sinnar, Nashik(MH) by Mr. K R Bedmutha and is listed on BSE and NSE. The Company is engaged into the manufacturing of Ga

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    Best Koki Automotive Pvt Ltd

    Best Group is a leading designer & manufacturer of Automotive Components. Their product portfolio includes Control Cables, Transmission Shifting Systems, Precision Stamping Part

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    Bhagyanagar India Ltd

    Bhagyanagar India Ltd a part of Surana Group was incorporated in 1985 with the main object of carrying on business in Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals. It commenced its business b

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    Bindra Motors Pvt Ltd

    Bindra Motors Pvt. Ltd., An ISO 9002 company has traversed a tonq distance of time, spanning eight decades and it has passed over many Milestones of success.

    The foundat

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    Birla Ericsson Opticals Ltd

    Birla Ericsson Optical Ltd (BEOL), an ISO-certified company under the MP Birla Group of Industries is recognized globally for pioneering the design and production of fibre optic