Textile Chemicals

Textile Chemicals - Overview

Textile Chemicals are used in textile industry to increase efficiency in production and to impart certain desirable process. There are different products like yarn lubricants, desizing agents, bleaching agents, finishing agents, surfactants, colourants and auxiliaries. In this segment, colorants and sizing chemicals account for 30% of the industry. Finishing agents are growing at a healthy rate as demand for better finished fabric drives the demand. There is also an increase in demand for textile chemicals for special textile products called as technical textiles, which need chemicals like flame retardants, warp sizes, biocides, and water repellents. Global textile chemical market is estimated at USD 19.5 billion
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    Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd

    Established in 1985 as a state Government sponsored project, the company is headquartered in DELHI-NCR and its 100,000 Sq. ft. manufacturing plant and research labs located in n

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    Kusa Chemicals Pvt Ltd

    Kusa Chemicals was established in 1983 by Mr. Ishwar Patel, a technocrat who obtained his master degree in chemistry from Germany in 1973. The company started as a manufacturer

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    Maheshwari Chemicals

    Maheshwari Chemicals specializes in providing textile chemicals and dyes. They also offer PVA emulsions and speciality chemicals. Polyvinyl acetate co-polymer emulsion imparts d

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    S P Enterprises

    S.P. Enterprises is Established in 2001, has diverse range of Industrial Chemicals, Paint & Paper Chemicals, Textile Auxiliaries & Chemicals, Cosmetics & Toilet Soap Raw Materia