Specialty Chemicals

Indian Speciality Chemicals - Overview

Specialty chemicals are defined as a group of relatively high value, low volume chemicals known for their end use applications and/ or performance enhancing properties. Global chemicals industry is estimated to be $ 740 billion value wise and speciality chemicals accounts for 22% of it. India?s share of speciality chemicals in global trade is 3%. It is growing at a faster rate to double it by end of this decade. The challenges are feedstock availability and infrastructure bottlenecks. Several research institutes, national laboratories like NCL and private sector companies are focusing on developing specialty chemicals and polymeric additives for the automotive, textiles, packaging and other end user segments. The key speciality segments in India are agrochemicals, paints coating and cons
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    A R Biotech Herbals Pvt Ltd

    A R Biotech Herbals Pvt Ltd provide state of the art Herbal Extracts & Essential Oils for a vast range of applications to FMCG, healthcare and food products.

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    A R Sulphonates Pvt Ltd

    A.R. Sulphonates Pvt.Ltd is a 100% Export Oriented Unit of Fogla group located in Mumbai. The company is one of the largest producer of LABSA in India with a combined capacity o

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    Aadhar Products Pvt Ltd

    Aadhar Products Pvt. Ltd. is emergent manufacturing company of detergent products. Company is dealing with brand name ?DECIDE?. Aadhar Products is well managed & equipped with l

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    Aaron Fine Chemicals Pvt Ltd

    Aaron Fine Chemicals is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty, high value-added chemicals for offline Thermal/ Carbonless/ Barrier Coatings and specializes in provid

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    Aarti Industries Ltd

    Aarti has started its operations in the year 1975 in the name of alchemie labs in a small of way with a single product namely Dimentyl sulphate.

    Today Aarti is One of th