Quick Lime

QuickLime in India

Calcium Oxide which is commonly called quicklime is used in various process in steel production, paper production and also in cement. It is also used as filler material in paints and plasters. Further uses are in dehairing hides, refractories, soap, rubber, animal feeds and in soil treatment. The quicklime clusters are mainly located in Jodhpur in Rajasthan and in Katni in Madhya Pradesh. It is prepared by the calcination process. Limestone or calcium carbonate is heated to a temperature between 1200 deg C and 1300 deg C in Kilns and it decomposes to quicklime and carbon dioxide. In India, the larger users of high grade quick lime with purities of 95% CaO have their own lime kilns.
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    Agarwal Min Chem Ltd

    Agarwal Min Chem. Ltd was established on 19th January, 1984 under the kind guidance of CEO Mr. Ras Agarwal. The company has a joint venture with Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals