Indian Inorganic Chemical Industry - Overview
Last Updated: 04-Mar-2015
Inorganic Chemical industry mainly consists of chlor alkalis like soda ash, caustic soda and chlorine. These products are mainly used in detergents, PVC and paraffin wax, glass, tyre, rubber, , pharmaceutical, water treatment, textiles, leather etc.,. Caustic soda is widely used in aluminium industry, while chlorine finds major application in PVC industry. Apart from these major chemicals, other inorganic chemicals include sulphuric acid, carbon black, titanium dioxide, calcium carbide, aluminium fluoride. The inorganic chemicals contribute around 8% of the total chemical industry. The demand for inorganic chemicals in India has been increasing at growth rate of 3.6% for the last five years and now has reached the level of 8.0 million tons