Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases - Industry Overview

Industrial gas industry derives 31 % of its demand from metal production like steel and fabrication. Major large scale operators have onsite plants to have economies of transport . The second largest demand comes from chemical processing and petroleum refining market. Natural gas comprises 15 % of India's primary energy consumption. The medical/healthcare market, uses oxygen with expanding healthcare particularly with home healthcare is also improving demand. Indian steel sector majors and refineries have expanded their capacities in the last 3 years driving up the demand for industrial gases. The merchant segment gas demand has also increased in automobile, fabrication and healthcare at a faster rate than GDP. With advent in technology, new steel production methods use more oxygen an
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    Ace Industrial Gases Pvt Ltd

    Ace Industrial Gases Pvt Ltd started its operations in the year 1990. The company is engaged in distribution & supplier of Laser gases , special gases, rare gases. It has produc

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    Aditya Birla Chemicals Ltd

    Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) (ABCIL) is a unit of the Aditya Birla Group. Commissioned in 1984 with an initial caustic soda capacity of 33,000 tpa, the company has since grown

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    Ahmednagar Industrial Gases Pvt Ltd

    Ahmednagar Industrial Gases Pvt. Ltd. Is engaged in manufacturing industrial gases. It offers industrial and medical, oxygen, liquids and nitrogen gases. The company was founded

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    Aims Industries Ltd

    Aims Industries Ltd. has been a leader in manufacturing and supplying of industrial and medical gases for more than 52 years in the state of Gujarat. Today Aims Industries Ltd h

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    Air Liquide India Ltd

    Air Liquide India caters to an expanding merchant market network to which it supplies Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Hydrogen, Helium and Specialty gases, through various supply syste

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    Alang Industrial Gases Ltd

    Alang Industrial Gases Ltd started its operations in the year 1995. The company is engaged in production and supply of oxygen gases primarily for use in cutting of ships at shi

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    Bhagawati Oxygen Ltd

    Bhagwati Oxygen Ltd has plants at Ghatsila, Bihar, with a capacity of 25 tpd and at Ballabhgarh, Haryana, with a capacity of 140 cmtr /hour. The operations at the plant in Balla

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    Bhartiya Vehicles Engineering Ltd

    Bhartiya Group has been in business since 1927. Its offer security equipment, cryogas plants and defence vehicles like military fire tenders. The Bhartiya Group is a national l

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    DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd

    DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd , a subsidiary of DCM Ltd manufactures cement from sludge generated from its manufacturing unit of calcium carbide and produces quality cement. It r

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    Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd

    Ellenbarrie Industrial Gases Ltd is now controlled by Air Water Inc which acquired 51% equity stake in the Kolkatta based company. The company is engaged in production and supp