Explosive Industry - Overview

Explosives which are double edged chemicals manufactured under strict license across the world are commonly used for mining, quarrying and tunnelling in construction. Its market in India is estimated at Rs. 30000 million. It forms 5% of the global market share with an annual production of 0.8 million tonnes. In India, mining sector consumes around 80% of the production and the balance consumed by industrial projects of irrigation, road and hydel projects. Most of the explosive are made on-site with ammonium nitrate fuel oil. Package explosives form roughly 30% of the market. Major players are ICI India, Solar Industries, Indian Oil Corp, India Gelatine & Chemicals etc., The Indian industrial explosives industry also encompasses accessory activities related like gun powder, bulk, cartrid
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    Ama Industries Pvt Ltd

    Ama Industries Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 2002 in Nagpur and is managed by family members. Abdulhussain Asgharali, Iqbalhussain Asgharali and Akhtar Parvez Asgharali are the d

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    Ideal Industrial Explosives Ltd

    Ideal Industrial Explosives Ltd is engaged in production of commercial explosives & accessories Since 1987. They also produce slurry explosives, emulsion explosives, detonating

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    India Gelatine And Chemicals Ltd

    KVS group branched into the multi-potential product Gelatine. Established in 1973, IGCL started its production in 1975 with the technical collaboration & know-how from M/S. Koni

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    Indian Explosives Ltd

    Indian Explosives Ltd is one of leading supplier of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying, oil and gas and construction markets

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    Keltech Energies Ltd

    Keltech Energies Ltd is engaged in production of industrial explosives, industrial filter aids, cryogenic insulation and horticulture products

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    Noble Explochem Ltd

    Noble Explochem Ltd was established in 1984 to manufacture Nitro-Glycerine (NG) based explosives in technical and financial collaboration with M/s.Chematur Engineering, M/s.Dyno

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    Premier Explosives Ltd

    Premier Explosives Limited is a Rs. 600 million company and is one of the major manufacturers of the entire range of Explosives and Accessories in India. PEL was established in

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    Solar Industries India Ltd

    Solar Explosives Limited was founded in 1995 by its founder Chairman Shri Satyanarayan Nandlal Nuwal to produce cartridge explosives. Today, under the name Solar Industries Indi

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    Special Blasts Ltd

    Special Blasts Limited was incorporated in the year 1988 with main objects for manufacturing of Industrial Explosives. The company set-up a plant for manufacturing of Large Diam