Indian Dyestuff Industries - Overview

Colors are an integral part of human perception and life. Much before the invention of synthetic dyestuffs, natural and vegetable colors were in use in India for centuries. India soon started use of synthetic dyes and depended on imported organic dyestuffs till 1940s. The start up of Arlabs Ltd.(the 1st dyestuffs company in India ) in 1940, followed by other dyestuffs companies in 50?s and 60?s led to the establishment of the indigenous industry. In the development phase that followed subsequently, India slowly emerged as the supplier of dyestuffs and pigments. Color adds to the very existence and intrinsic value of human tribe. Synthetic dyes contribute heavily for the use of color. Color has an inherent element of value addition to a wide variety of products like textiles, leather, pa
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    Aarti Industries Ltd

    Aarti has started its operations in the year 1975 in the name of alchemie labs in a small of way with a single product namely Dimentyl sulphate.

    Today Aarti is One of th

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    Aceto Chem Pvt Ltd

    Aceto Chem Pvt. Ltd was formed in the 1976 . The company is engaged into manufacturing of dye intermediates which finds application in various industries such as food color and

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    Aditya Synthetic

    Aditya Synthetic specializes in providing chemical dyes. Their dyes provides exhaustion and fixation on fabric. The dye comprises of three color combination and are used for med

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    Adorn Speciality Polymers Pvt Ltd

    Adorn speciality is a leading manufacturer of leather dyestuffs specializes in providing high quality dyestuffs for the colors of leather.

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    Advaitya Dye Chem

    ADC - is the flagship company of Advaitya Dye-Chem group. ADC is one of the leading and largest manufactures of organic pigments like Phthalocynine Green and Blue?s, Azo Red/Yel