Aromatic Chemicals Industry - Overview

India is a traditionally a leader in aromatics. History is replete with stories of fragrance used in daily life. The use of Sandal, Rose, Jasmine has numerous references in early literature. Aromatics are named so for their trademark fragrant smell. The main chemical compounds under this group are derived from benzene, toluene and, xylene which are the intermediary products for various end use consumer products. Aromatics find applications in clothing industry, pharmaceuticals Industry, Cosmetics Industry etc.,
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IFF plans new facility in Sri City

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc is setting up a new facility in Sri City, near Tada in Andhra Pradesh. The new plant is expected to be commercialised in December 2019. The new facility, which will be the largest flavour and fragrance manufacturing facility in India and the largest IFF site in Greater Asia, occupies a 32-acre/130,000 m2 plot. The new plant will entail an investment of Rs. 5000 million and will have a capacity of 36,000 tpa
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