Aerosol Market in India

Aerosol is primarily dependant on applications like personal care (deodorants), household, paints, medical and others including food, automotive and adhesives. Its primary market is deodorant which forms 50% of the market by volume. More applications and innovations are made every year in pharma /consumer products like pain killer sprays and other construction industry products, are packed in aerosol cans.
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    Accra Pac India Pvt Ltd

    Accra Pac India Pvt Ltd is India's largest filler for Aerosol Products. It has its manufacturing facility in Vapi from where it produce aerosols, liquids, creams, lotions and se

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    Aero Pharma Pvt Ltd

    Aero Pharma Pvt Ltd was set up as a pure aerosol contract manufacturing company in 1985. Its products are Deodorant (non Alcoholic), Shaving Foam, Room Freshener, Pain relief S

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    Aerol Formulations Pvt Ltd

    Incorporated in the year 1989, Aerol manufactures 300 chemical products at its manufacturing facility in Haryana. It has two automatic aerosol filling lines, chemical processing

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    Asian Aerosol Pvt Ltd

    Asian Aerosol Pvt Ltd is promoted by Mr Bhogilal Patel is engaged in the manufacturing of aerosol-based products (viz, producing aerosol containers and filling of aerosol produc