Acid Production in India

Acids are multipurpose raw material used in several application of industry. They are used as key raw material in various chemical production process apart from paper, metal and food processing industry. Sulphuric and Nitric acids is widely used in production of fertilizers of ammonium sulphate and nitrates. Other uses include in production of zinc sulphate and copper sulphate. Some of the acids are also used as rocket fuel. Currently, India has around 140 sulphuric acid plants with a capacity of 12 million tonnes. Hydrochloric acid is primarily produced as by-product of various chemicals and only 5% of the same is being produced as primary product.
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Provisional anti-dumping duty levied on Ofloxacin Acid

Indian government has imposed provisional anti-dumping duty on Ofloxacin Acid or O-Acid. The chemical is an off-white to white crystalline powder and is used as an intermediate for the manufacture of Ofloxacin, which is used to treat infections including bronchitis, pneumonia and infections of the skin, bladder and prostrate. It may be noted, Aarti Drugs Ltd, Mumbai had filed the petition seeking anti-dumping duty on O-Acid imports from China. The provisional anti-dumping duty ? which will be valid for six months ? ranged from $0.03 a kg to $8.79 a kg depending on the producer and exporter.
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