Building Materials

HIL Ltd plans expansion programme at Jasdih

HIL Ltd is planning to expand its asbestos manufacturing plant in Jasdih in Deogarh district of Jharkhand. The project involves expanding Asbestos Cement Sheet manufacturing capacity from 72,000 tpa to 1,75,000 tpa. After expansion, the plant will produce fibre sheet and roofing sheets. Land required for the project is already available. The project cost is estimated at Rs. 170 million. Read More

Supreme Court lifts ban on use of petcoke in cement industry

Supreme Court of India has lifted the ban of use of petcoke in cement and limestone industry. The move has been made after the realization that harmful sulphur oxide is absorbed in manufacturing process of cement. This decision has arrived after MoEF submitted that petcoke is mainly used as a feedstock, not as a fuel. The court has directed MoEF to ensure that the petcoke supplied to the cement industry will not be illegally diverted to other destinations. Read More

Cement companies reduce price for government projects

Few cement companies have offered a huge discounted price of Rs. 125 / per bag to Rs. 180/bag to government infrastructure projects to boost cement demand in the country. Government of India has decided to buy cement transparently by asking bids to procure cement for government infrastructure projects. This will make construction of concrete roads feasible on par with bitumen roads. Further concrete roads offer less maintenance cost over a period of 10-15 years thereby bringing down the overall cost. Read More