Commercial Vehicles

Association of State Road Transport Undertakings lobbies for disclosure of autocomponents specifications for buses

Association of State Road Transport Undertakings (ASRTU) wants original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of buses to facilitate direct procurement. Currently, state transport corporations in the country procures Rs. 25,000 million worth of automotive components every year, however spurious and fake spare parts remains an issue for them. The government has a testing facility at Central Institute of Road Transport (CIRT), Pune, where spare parts can be tested. But, with the OEMs not sharing the specifications, spurious parts can get into the system.
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Commercial Vehicle sales to dip post Sept 30

Commercial Vehicles with weight of over 12 tonnes have been mandated by law to use of anti-lock braking system technology and was enforced on all manufacturers on April 1, 2015. However manufacturers are free to sell vehicles without ABS till September 30. This is expected to hit a air pocket in sales after October 2015. Many potential buyers are advancing the purchases to avoid increase in vehicle costs. ABS comes in handy where vehicles are prone to skidding or the wheel likely to lock. ABS is an emergency braking system that prevents wheels from locking, resulting in effective braking and greater safety. Tata Motors have increased sales by 25% and Ashok Leyland have reported a sales growth of 50% in April-July period.
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