Automotive Batteries

Indian Automotive Battery Market

Indian Automotive Battery industry is valued at INR 2400 billion with industrial battery market estimated at INR 1200 billion. Automotive batteries are an interesting piece of technology, they are used to drive most electrical devices an automobile could possess but they can also be used in industrial segment. Industrial leaders like Exide, Amararaja are also present in the industrial segment which uses battery in power lifts, telecom equipment, railways etc.,. With advancement in hybrid technology, this becomes the norm as they will become a part of the power train when it comes to hybrid and electric applications. Another interesting feature in Indian automotive battery scene is its OEM share is only 30% and 70% comes from replacement market. Here unorganized players have 50% market
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Amperia Lithium Battery plans new unit in Gauribiddanur

Amperia Lithium Battery Manufacturing is planning to set up a manufacturing facility in Gauribiddanur in Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. The project involves manufacture of lithium batteries for electric vehicles. The technology for the project will be sourced from Singapore. Land required for the project will be 88 acres which has been allotted by a high level team. The project cost is estimated at Rs. 12100 million.
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