Ministry of Road Transport and Highways approves norms for quadricycle segment

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has approved a new class of vehicle to ply on Indian roads ? the quadricycle. The ministry has already issued a notification on the standards for quadricycles, like weight, emission and safety worthiness. The first quadricycle will be of Bajaj Qute - which was launched in India in 2012 but could not get off due to lack of classifcation of quadricycles in India. Now, it is mandated that a vehicle will be classified as a quadricycle if its kerb weight is under 475kg, it passes the new safety and crash tests that have been mandated, and clears emission tests that have been created for various powertrains including petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG, hybrid and even electric. Read More

Indian Automotive Industry

Indian Automotive Industry one of the largest in the world contributes around 7% to Indian GDP and enjoys 100% FDI through automatic approval route. The industry is also set to become an production hub for other countries. Its exports have been growing up - with significant contributions from Hyundai, Maruti, Ford and Nissan. Now General Motors is also planning to invest exclusively for export market. The industry is also evolving to move from IC engines to electric and hybrid vehicles, stricter anti-pollution norms and tougher measures on parking space. However, it is set and growing at 10% to 12% over the past years.

Indian automotive industry is present as clusters in North - Gurgaon, Tapukara in Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Pithampur belt in Madhya Pradesh, Pune in Maharasht Read More

Kids to travel safer in cars now - new airbags and kidseats now

Seat-belts and airbags are safety features available in most current generation cars. However, unfortunately these are not available for kids and expose them to danger. To provide them safety, Maxi-Cosi and mobile airbag company Helite has launched the first child seat with built-in airbags, branded as AxissFix Air. The airbag is suitable for children aged between four months and four years and it has Isofix tethers, a 360-degree rotating base and two small airbags (which could be triggered by sensor in 0.05 sec) mounted in the shoulder pads of the seat. Read More